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Denver, CO. – Beginning this weekend, fans will have a chance to catch the best home-run hitters in the League swinging the best bats in the industry as part of the NPF Battle of the Bats manufacturers Home Run Challenge. In the competition which will take place in all NPF markets, four athletes from each team will represent four different manufacturers take five swings for the fence. The manufacturer line-up includes Combat, Mizuno, Wilson/DeMarini and Worth.

Competitors will stay consistent each week and will represent only one manufacturer throughout the competition, however, up to two substitutions are allowed for each participant. Both the home and away team will have representatives swinging each bat, so a total of 10 swings will be taken on behalf of each manufacturer. Pitching duties will be done by team personnel who will throw in a consistent, underhand fastpitch motion at speeds estimating 55-60 mph.

Points will be tallied during each competition for individual batters and manufacturers. Points will be awarded only for home runs and only a total of five swings are allowed for each participant. During competition against international teams, the home team’s scores for players and manufacturers will apply, however only manufacturer’s scores for the visiting team will apply. Each team will record 10 total scores over the 11 week period.

Following the last week of regular season competition, of the four teams that qualify for the NPF Championship Series in Kimberly, Wisconsin, the top two scoring hitters for each of the top three manufacturers will participate in a final round of competition during FanFest on Thursday, August 21st at Sunset Park in Kimberly.

The individual winner will be the hitter with the most home runs for the entire competition and will walk away with bragging rights and a cash prize of $1,000. Since the winner is determined by the most number of homeruns for the entire season, a hitter does not have to hit in the finals to win the overall championship. The manufacturer winner will be determined by the most home runs scored over the course of the entire contest. A representative from the winning manufacturer will receive a traveling trophy.

The competitions are scheduled to be held about 35 minutes prior to Saturday games, but the schedule may vary by team to accommodate other promotions…check with individual team websites for a schedule and up-to-date scores and information. Scores will be summarized on a weekly basis on the League website at, so stay tuned for updates and special promotions, offers and giveaways!

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