No Deal with MTDX

DENVER, Colo. – National Pro Fastpitch (“NPF”) recently learned of a press release dated March 30, 2006 that was issued by Motion DNA Corporation (MTDX..PKs) (“MTDX”) concerning the parties’ intentions to renew a 2005 contractual relationship between them. No authorized representative of NPF participated in the drafting of the Press Release, nor did any NPF officials or representatives have knowledge of the Press Release prior to Tuesday, May 22, 2006. While NPF and MTDX did have a contractual relationship during 2005 and the parties were contemplating and negotiating the terms of a possible renewal thereof for 2006, the parties did not have an agreement, definitive or otherwise, concerning the final terms or form of contract to be utilized in connection with any such relationship. NPF does not presently intend to renew or enter into a contractual relationship with MTDX with respect to 2006.

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