The top two players for each manufacturer will compete in the BATTLE OF THE BATS finals this evening during NPF FanFest which starts at 4:30 p.m. at Sunset Point Park in Kimberly, Wisc..  FanFest is the kick-off event for the NPF Championship Series weekend with the first game at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 22nd.

The Battle of the Bats finals will consist of two rounds and each player will be allowed six outs during each round.  An out is considered anything that is not hit out of the playing area, including foul balls.  If necessary, a third round will be played as a tie-breaker.  The individual winner for the competition will be awarded a $1,000 prize.

COMBAT currently has a total of 54 homeruns for this season’s competition.

Stacy May from the Chicago Bandits will compete on behalf of COMBAT using the COMBAT VIRUS.  May has a total of 15 homeruns in the competition and looks to add to that total during the Finals.

The second place finisher for COMBAT during the regular season is Angelena Mexicano from the Akron Racers with a total of 11 homeruns.  Unfortunately, Angelena will not be available to attend the finals, so Megan Gibson from the Philadelphia Force will step up to the plate swinging the COMBAT VIRUS.  Gibson has a total of 8 homeruns following regular season competition.

MIZUNO has a total of 49 HOMERUNS for this season’s competition and will have a strong showing in the competition with representation by Jaime Clark from the Chicago Bandits.  Clark is currently in a two-way tie for first place.  She will use the MIZUNO FRENZY and could be a strong contender for the $1,000 prize money.

Savannah Long from the Philadelphia Force comes into the finals with a total of 9 homeruns and will use the MIZUNO FRENZY in hopes of adding to her total.

WORTH holds a strong 2nd place position in the Battle of the Bats with a total of 89 HOMERUNS and is counting on Rachel Folden from the Chicago Bandits to move into first place.  Folden will swing the WORTH Titan 5.4 L120 and has a total of 17 homeruns in regular season Battle of the Bats competition which is good enough for a third place tie.

Sara Larquier from the Washington Glory will also compete for WORTH.  She will hit with the WORTH Titan 5.4 L120 and heading into the finals, she is in a four-way tie for third place with a total of 17 homeruns.

Lindsay Gardner will hit on behalf of Tonya Callahan from the Rockford Thunder who is unable to attend the Finals.  In the last week of competition, Tonya surged into a two-way tie for second place with a total of 18 homeruns on behalf of WORTH.  Tonya is looking for teammate Lindsay Gardner to attempt to bring home the money for her!  Because WORTH already has two players adding to their manufacturer’s total, Lindsay will compete in an At-Large spot and her score will be added to Tonya’s individual score, but not WORTH’S overall score.

The next At-Large competitor will be Kate Robinson from the Akron Racers who competed on behalf of WILSON/DEMARINI during the regular season.  Kate led the competition for several weeks and is currently tied for third place with 17 homeruns.  Kate will hit with the DeMarini Phenix and her total homeruns will be added to her individual score only.

Oli Keohohou from the Washington Glory competed for WILSON/DEMARINI this season and will compete in the final At-Large position.  She is the fourth person in the finals with a total of 17 homeruns.  Oli will salso wing with the DeMarini Phenix.  As with all of the At-Large competitors, her total homeruns will be added to her individual score, but not DeMarini’s overall score.

With the help of several strong competitors, WILSON/DEMARINI has led the competition throughout the regular season and finished with a total of 93 HOMERUNS.  The DeMarini bat has proven tough to beat.

Lyndsey Angus from the New England Riptide will be the first competitor for WILSON/DEMARINI.  Angus is currently tied for second place with 18 homeruns and will hit with the DeMarini Phenix.

The final competitor of the night will be Samantha Findlay from the Chicago Bandits hitting for WILSON/DEMARINI.  Samantha is tied for first place with Jaime Clark and a total of 19 homeruns.  She will hit with the DeMarini 375.

The Battle of the Bats finals will be aired live on Time Warner Cable Sports in the Appleton/Greenbay area.

Fans that purchase the weekend NPF Championship Series passes are admitted free to NPF FanFest.  Tickets for Thursday night’s event are also available at the gate for $5/each.  Gates will open at 4:30 p.m. and in addition to the Finals of the Battle of the Bats homerun hitting challenge, other fan-friendly activities will include a live band, player autographs, celebrity homerun derby, league-wide “I Play Clean” pledge in conjunction with the Taylor Hooton Foundation and NPF Awards presentation.


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