How do NPF Teams acquire their players?


  • Many of the players have already played in the league and are re-signed to contracts.
  • Each year the NPF holds a player draft of the college seniors. Many of these college players will be signed to contracts after their college eligibility is exhausted.
  • Individual teams MAY also host regional tryouts during the late winter and early spring months of each season to fill available roster spots. 
  • Players who are not currently under contract, have not been drafted and those who have exhausted their collegiate eligiblity are considered FREE AGENTS and may contact individual teams directly about securing available roster spots.  Go to the Team Home Page(s) for appropriate contact info. See full list below.  FREE AGENTS are encouraged to provide a full list of accomplishments and stats for consideration.

Team Websites:

Akron Racers
Chicago Bandits

Go to the FAQ section for more information on Players and the NPF Draft.


Players who desire a professional career may attend NPF tryouts as scheduled at the option of each NPF team. As per NCAA Bylaw "Tryout After Enrollment", after initial full-time collegiate enrollment, an individual who has eligibility remaining may try out with a professional athletics team (or participate in a combine including that team) at any time, provided the individual does not miss class. The individual may receive actual and necessary expenses in conjunction with one 48-hour tryout per professional team (or a combine including that team).

The 48-hour tryout period shall begin at the time the individual arrives at the tryout location. At the completion of the 48-hour period, the individual must depart the location of the tryout immediately in order to receive return transportation expenses. A tryout may extend beyond 48 hours if the individual self-finances additional expenses, including return transportation. A self-financed tryout may be for any length of time, provided the individual does not miss class. (Revised: 1/10/92, 4/24/03, 5/26/06, 4/26/07 effective 8/1/07)

Reference NCAA RULE:  12.2 INVOLVEMENT WITH PROFESSIONAL TEAMS for more information.  NCAA rules on amateurism, professionalism and applicable NCAA Legislation can also be found on the NCAA's website or you can contact NCAA Member Services at 317-917-6222.

Team Tryouts

Please contact each team for more information 

Akron Racers Tryouts Information - To Be Announceed

Chicago Bandits Tryouts Information

USSSA Tryouts Information - To Be Announced