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Championship Series Lecture Clinic

NPF announces the Championship Series Lecture Clinic which will be ran by Professional softball girls.  The event will be held on Sunday, August 29 at the Sulphur Parks and Recreation Center.  There will be two sessions.  During each session, four different classes will be presented.  The four topics that are offered are pitching, catching, hitting, and slapping/ burning the base paths.  During each session, each participant may pick one presentation to attend for a total of two presentations. 


In the pitching class, you not only learn the basic fundamentals of pitching, but also how to throw the different pitches that the Pros throw.  By receiving tips from them, you can advance your game past your competitors.


During the catching session, the Pros will be going over blocking, framing, and quick release.  They will also be teaching the mental game behind the plate and how you should work with your pitcher.


As for the hitters, this session will consist of proper stances, contact points, and importance of hands and weight transfer.  If you are having problems hitting that outside pitch, come to this class and learn the fundamentals to take it down the right field line.


Burn the base paths after you attend the slapping and baserunning class.  The Pros will be teaching proper footwork in the box for slappers and location of ball placement.  After reaching base, learn the quickest way to explode off the bag without leaving early.


All of these classes would be a great opportunity for any coaches or aspiring softball players.  Some of these Professional players are also college coaches too, so they not only know how to play the game, but teach it too.  Come out and learn some different philosophies of softball.






Sulphur Parks and Recreation


933 Parish Road,


Sulphur, Louisiana





10:30 AM


Time of Clinic:




$40.00 per person/ $45 per player + adult (this includes a ticket to any game)


Session One:



Session Two:



**Each Session will have four classes: pitching, hitting, catching, and slapping/burning the base paths.  Choose one to attend each session.**

For more information CLICK HERE or call (615) 232-2900 or e-mail