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Boombah - 2016 Season
Congratulations to the 2016 Cowles Cup Champions - Chicago Bandits!....................Thank you to the FANS for your SUPPORT of NPF this season! 


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Draftees, or those interested in being drafted, may also want to reference


How do the teams acquire their players?
Each year, the NPF holds a player draft of college seniors. Drafted players can be signed to contracts after their college eligibility is exhausted. Individual teams may also host regional tryouts during the late winter and early spring months of each season to fill available roster spots.  Players who are not currently under contract and have not been drafted are considered FREE AGENTS and may contact individual Teams directly about securing available roster spots.  Go to TEAMS for appropriate contact info.  FREE AGENTS are encouraged to provide a full list of accomplishments and stats for consideration.  

Can a player request to be placed on the draft list?
Just by being a college senior, a player is eligible to be drafted. However, only the top percent of elite senior players will be drafted. NCAA athletes should be aware that according to NCAA Bylaw "Draft List",  after initial full-time collegiate enrollment, an individual loses amateur status in a particular sport when the individual asks to be placed on the draft list or supplemental draft list of a professional league in that sport, even though: (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

(a) The individual asks that his or her name be withdrawn from the draft list prior to the actual draft;
(b) The individual’s name remains on the list but he or she is not drafted; or
(c) The individual is drafted but does not sign an agreement with any professional athletics team.

Draftees, or those interested in being drafted, may also want to reference

If a player is drafted, does it automatically mean she loses her NCAA or NAIA eligibility?
No. An athlete's eligibility is not lost if she is drafted by NPF.

If a player is drafted, does it mean she is automatically signed to a contract?
No. Once the drafted athlete’s college eligibility is exhausted, the drafted player may be signed to an NPF contract or asked to tryout for the Team prior to signing a contract. Team and Player would have to mutually agree on contract terms.

Does playing fastpitch professionally affect a college student's scholarship?
YES, NCAA students are affected! This is one of the reasons that NPF will not draft college underclassmen. Should an NCAA student-athlete sign a professional contract, she immediately loses her college playing eligibility and financial aid. If a drafted senior signs an NPF player contract after her college season is over, her eligibility is not affected.

Can a player who will be a fifth year senior receiving institutional financial aid still be eligible for aid if she has signed a professional contract?
NPF will work with each college institution in structuring the player's contract so that the dates of the professional contract are only during the actual playing season, when the player is not in school. The NCAA permits institutions to award institutional financial aid to student-athletes who have no contractual relationship during the academic year with a professional team.

How much will a contracted player be paid?
Average NPF player salary is approximately $5,000-$6,000 for the playing season of June, July and August.

Will the League pay for the player's housing?
Players are required to reside in their Team area during the 3 month playing season. Housing is provided for Player’s by Team.

The Game

How long is the NPF game?
The official NPF game is 7 innings long and lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Are single games or doubleheaders played?
Typically single games are scheduled. Occasionally, the Teams will play double-headers.

What days of the week are NPF games played?
Most home series are played Wednesday - Saturday or Thursday-Sunday, but these days can vary when necessary for scheduling.

Are the rules in an NPF game different than college or amateur games?
In general, rules are the same. For instance, the pitchers distance is 43’ and bases are at 60’. However, there are some differences that are documented in the NPF Game Rule Revisions.

The Season

How long is the NPF season?
The NPF Spring Training Camp for all teams begins in mid-to-late May. League play begins in early June and ends in mid August, followed by the NPF Championship Series.

How many teams are in NPF? 
Four Teams will compete in 2014; Akron Racers, Chicago Bandits, Pennsylvania Rebellion, USSSA Florida Pride.  The schedule will include a 48-game regular season for each of the four NPF Teams.

Spectators & Media

How many spectators does NPF plan to attract to its games?
Each NPF team expects to average 1,500-2,500 fans per game. NPF provides family-fun, affordable entertainment with ticket prices starting at $5.

Will I be able to see any NPF games on television? 
NPF will host several games nationally on television in 2014. The Final Series‘ game(s) of the Championship Series will air nationally. Additionally, Chicago Bandits and USSSA Pride games can be followed during 2014 through live streaming video. To access the live stream, simply follow the icons on the Schedule of

National media exposure will provide consistent, measurable return on investment for sponsors and will bring national attention to the NPF and its world-class athletes.

Team Staff

How many people work full-time for each NPF Team?
Each Team has a full-time management staff that works year-round and includes a General Manager and such positions as Sales and Marketing Manager, Media Relations Manager and Community Relations Manager. The Team staff markets and promotes the Team, while selling season and group tickets as well as advertising and sponsorship for their local market. During the season, each Team also employs seasonal staff for game-day operations and a host of interns.

I am an undergraduate college athlete and would like to intern with NPF or one of its Teams. Would this work jeopardize my college athletic eligibility?
No. Working for a professional sports organization does not jeopardize a player's college eligibility. College athletic eligibility is only affected by playing for a professional sports organization. Teams and the League Office employ interns throughout the year. If you are interested in an internship, check the job opportunity section for current openings.


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